340B program

340B Program

Apovia's capabilities...

Aligned with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), goal of the 340B drug pricing program is to enable covered entities such as Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinics (FQHCs) the ability to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more patients and providing more comprehensive services.

Being a pioneer in the pharmacy benefit management, Apovia is proud to be advocates in the healthcare system.

Apovia is among the upcoming 340B pharamcies in the US.

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In-house 340B Pharmacy Management capabilities:

Pharmacy Designing & Workflow

  • Design and Branding of infrastructure
  • Optimal workflow design

Pharmacy Operations

  • Recruitment and staffing of 340B trained personnel
  • Procurement of Licenses and Accreditations
  • Purchase and inventory management

Finance & Reimbursement

  • Prior Authorization (PA) services through our proprietary software Compass™
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) process
  • Maximize revenue based on payer mix

Metrics and Data Reporting

  • Implement comprehensive reporting process
  • Cultivate a culture of transparent data sharing

Prescription Capture Strategy

  • Ensure compliance adherence and audit ready processes
  • Validation of contract pharmacy strategy
  • Optimization and Maximization of claim captures

How to get 340 B icense?

Section 340B(a)(4) of the Public Health Service Act specifies which covered entities are eligible to participate in the 340B Drug Program. These include qualifying hospitals, Federal grantees from HRSA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs, and the Indian Health Service.

Technology enabled 340B administrative capabilities:

Dedicated Team

  • Qualified 340B personnel for Account Management
  • Customized service model

Guaranteed Payment Turnarounds

  • Timely payments for eligible claims
  • Benefit from accounts receivable forecasting through analysis

Inventory Analysis & Replenishment

  • Tracking of all dispensed 340B eligible drugs
  • Cutting duplication & waste, leading to cost optimization

Eligibility & Split-Billing

  • Compatibility with all vendor order-entry systems
  • Track 340B purchases, thus supporting HRSA and manufacturer audits
  • Split replenishment orders for eligible medications

Financial Controls and Insights

  • Invoice analysis and reconciliation system
  • Performance tracking and overview through customized Dashboard
  • Real time claims capture, and audit readiness

Compliance & Auditing

  • Ensuring compliance and HRSA audit readiness
  • Integrated self-audit and performance measurement functionality