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Apovia's proprietary...

innovative software solution eliminates the administrative burden of prior authorizations from our client’s provider staff as we manage this work through COMPASS – the Central Office Management of Prior Authorization Software System.

Image by Carlos Muza

Just like a compass...

which shows the right direction, our Prior Authorization tool shows you where the money is – where the jewels are hidden amongst hundreds of thousands of claims in your EMR software.  Our Clinicians and IT Team have built this software to take a deep dive into your EMR in order to mine the data and find you any high revenue opportunities.

In addition...



COMPASS greatly enhances your patients’ experience as they do not have to worry about getting access to their high cost medications which typically require a prior authorization from the Managed Care companies. This in turn improves  the patient journey and also provides an opportunity for the health centers to monetize their pharmacy claims.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about COMPASS and how it could enhance the pharmacy care experience of your patients.