Prior authorizations are a leading cause of denied claims—a problem that costs providers millions in lost revenue and keeps patients from getting the care they need when they need it. The challenge is only growing as the need for prior authorizations increases.


Apovia's proprietary and innovative software solution eliminates the administrative burden of prior authorizations from covered entity's staff as we manage this work utilizing...


COMPASS – the Central Office Management of Prior Authorization Software System.

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Just like a compass...

Our Clinicians and IT Team built a top-tier EMR system that navigates deep into your EMR, mining the data and finding high 340B Savings opportunities, therefore enhancing the pharmacy management system.

In addition...

COMPASS greatly enhances the patient experience by giving them access to their high-cost medications, typically requiring prior authorization from Managed Care companies. This improves the patient journey and provides an opportunity for health centers to monetize pharmacy claims.


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