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Blog Post - 10/25/2022

Improving Clinical Care is one of Apovia’s’ main objectives for CE on-site pharmacies. Apovia Clinical Pharmacist, Jasmine Mencia, PharmD, implemented a fantastic and incredibly successful Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure (SMBP) program for a clinic that witnessed elevated numbers of Hypertension patients.

This program was developed to teach and enable patients to measure blood pressure by themselves, including proper use of the solution. We piloted a remote patient monitoring integrated data solution and provided patients a better understanding of their own health, all while reducing the administrative burden for CE’s.

Other beneficial impacts of this program included improved prescribing patterns, full program coverage by providers and universal documentation.

The program was highlighted at several conferences in 2022 due to its success in patient improved adherence and health, enhanced provider-to-patient communication as well as how the technology provides clear visibility into the health of the patient. As high-disease states are becoming more and more common, the astounding program has taken this CE’s patient care to the next level.

It is continually Apovia’s goal to improve the patient provider experience.


Please contact us to learn more about how you can evaluate a similar program for your clinic.

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